QPM Check Valves dramatically speed up coolant response time in this machining center application. Material: Brass Cracking Pressure: 1 psi (.07 bar) Maximum Pressure: 500 psi (33 bar) Maximum Operating Temperature: 160°F (70˚C) Recommended Coolant Filtration: 100 microns NOTE: Use DualFit nipples (page15) to adapt to BSPT ports n Ideal for horizontal and vertical machining centers n Stops drain-down of coolant lines between tool changes n Eliminates delay of coolant flow, preventing dry cutting Part No. Configuration Pkg Qty CV19005 1 CV19010 1 CV19015 1 DIMENSIONS IN INCHES DIMENSIONS IN MILLIMETERS (except as noted) 1.38" 1/8" NPT Female both ends 9/16 HEX 1.80" 1/4" NPT Female both ends 11/16" HEX 2.25" 3/8" NPT Female both ends 7/8" HEX RATED TO 1500 PSI (100 BAR) HIGH PRESSURE, PRESS-FIT PORT ADAPTORS n Converts low pressure ScrewBall type ports to high pressure fixed, threaded ports PROBLEM SOLUTION Original equipment ScrewBall-type nozzles often can't reach the cutting tool, and can move out of position or blow out under high pressure PrestoPorts are easy to install and provide many options for routing high pressure coolant to the cutting tool (shown here with Extension Tubes - see page 17) PP24086 8mm M6x1 6.0 0 5 PP24106 10mm M6x1 6.0 0 5 PP24126 12mm M6x1 6.0 0 5 PP24121 12mm 1/8 NPT/BSPT 6.0 0 5 PP24146 14mm M6x1 7.1 1.0 5 PP24141 14mm 1/8 NPT/BSPT 6.0 0 5 PP24156 15mm M6x1 7.1 1.0 5 PP24151 15mm 1/8 NPT/BSPT 6.0 0 5 PP24166 16mm M6x1 7.1 1.0 5 PP24161 16mm 1/8 NPT/BSPT 6.0 0 5 Part No. Nominal Thread Length C Pkg Configuration Dia "D"* "B" "A" Qty M6 Installation Tool Part No. IT21225 Use to Install all M6 (Thread 'B') PrestoPorts NPT/BSPT Installation Tool Part No. IT21230 Use to install all 1/8 NPT/BSPT (Thread 'B') PrestoPorts Slide Hammer Kit Part No. SH21306 Use to remove PrestoPorts and original equipment nozzles. Includes adaptors to fit M3.5, M4, M5, M6 and 1/8 NPT/BSPT Installation and Removal Tools WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE SPECIFICATIONS WITHOUT NOTICE OR OBLIGATION. ™ 32 PrestoPort Material: Brass Maximum Pressure: 1500 PSI (100 bar) Maximum Operating Temperature: 300˚F (150˚C) *Hole Tolerance: H9 Check Valves A C B D